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Castiglioncello is an ancient Etruscan village and a renown tourist destination of great international fame. It is called "the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea" because of its unique charm. It has always been enclosed in the nature of a protected area, which has contributed to its elegance and purity over the years. It is surrounded by luxuriant pine forests, spectacular cliffs, sheltered bays and beaches that are washed by the clear waters that characterize this part of the coast.

This location has ancient origins.


Brief historical background:


Already in the second half of the 800's, the art critic and patron, Diego Martelli, built his home here. His home is now better known as the Castello Pasquini. It his here that he hosted the famous Macchiaioli group of painters (with Abbati, Fattori, Borrani, Cabianca, etc...) who started the "School of Castiglioncello". To this day, the Castello Pasquini is the center of many cultural activities; from dance to theater. It hosts of the traditional Festival of Dance and holds the award ceremony for the "Literary Prize of Castiglioncello's Coast of the Etruscans". We also must not forget that this little town was made famous thanks to artists such as Gassman, Mastroianni, Sordi and others who enjoyed staying here. In fact, it was the cinematographic setting chosen to make the famous movie "The Easy Life", in which Vittorio Gassman starred. The Medici Tower is also noteworthy. It was built in the middle of the sixteenth century to defend the town from the Saracen pirates who threatened the Tyrrhenian sea. Finally, this historical overview would not be complete if we did not suggest a visit to the National Archeological Museum, which is especially renown for the numerous Etruscan tombs that were discovered in the area.


Castiglioncello is, in many ways, one of the most inviting settings. An ideal location for summer holidays.

It is located in the heart of Tuscany, on the border of the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Sea. It has a luxuriant vegetation. Its pines and oaks provide its coast with shade and its coastline is filled with tourists who are in search of relaxation and a mild climate. The Marradi Pine Forest is situated on the seaside. Here, the air is filled with iodine and wood essences. It feels like an inviting place where one can take relaxing walks; several children areas are found in this forest and so is the famous open-air movie theater, which is open during the summer months. In the summer, a small market also settles in this pine forest on every Thursday of the week.

On the central Plaza, or Piazza della Vittoria, there are a series of classy stores where one can even shop at night and the different historical bars, which surround the plaza, are filled with people during the aperitif hours. The Quercetano Bay is an attractive cove. In fact, it was a source of inspiration for Gabriele D'Annunzio. This welcoming atmosphere, of ancient origin, offers many different accommodation opportunities, as numerous restaurants offer quality recipes thanks the the freshness of the fish, which is caught on a daily basis.

There is a seaside path, called the Lungomare Colombo, where one can take walks and over a stretch of about 4 kilometers. On this path, one can walk along the various creeks, which follow each other, and breath the sea air. The path starts in Punta Righini, which is one of the most wild and rocky settings of the coastal area and continues to the marina of Cala dè Medici. There are 650 berths (10% of which are reserved for transit), a shipyard and a yacht club in this harbor. There is also a big parking lot and a shopping area. Those who arrive at the marina of Cala dè Medici contribute in their own way to the mosaic scenery of boats, faces and languages that animate this lively and vital area throughout the year. The Rotta del Vino, the gourmet race of the Etruscan Coast, is one the most important fests for which this Harbor is renown. This fest is held during the second week of September and the boats race against each other at sea while chefs are busy making dishes, which are judged by a super-specialized jury on the basis of their originality and wine combination, on board! One can practice all of the various water sports, such as sea-watching, diving, fishing, sailing and windsurf in some of our facilities. The Yacht Club of Castiglioncello is also noteworthy. It was established in 1946. Here, people of all ages can take sailing lessons or rent sail boats and motorboats to explore the wonders of the coast. The most famous summer festival, the Fish Fest, is held in June at the Caletta Bay.

Castiglioncello has a pleasantly dry climate that could make anyone fall in love: many sunny days throughout the year and always mild temperatures are the secret to a perfect holiday. Here, the average temperature for the month of January, which is the coldest month of the year, ranges from a minimum of 10°C to a maximum of 20°C. In August, however, it ranges from a minimum of 23°C to a maximum of 32°C. Although it generally almost never rains, most of the rainfalls occur between the months of October and December. Nonetheless, the climate stays mild and is always recommended for those who suffer from respiratory diseases.


How to reach Castiglioncello

Castiglioncello is easy to find no matter what means of transportation you have chosen. For those who travel by car and who are coming from the North, take the highway A12 in direction of Genova-Rosignano Marittimo all the way to the castle of Rosignano Marittimo. At this point, follow the SS1 Aurelia in direction of Livorno until the Castiglioncello exit. While those coming from the South, should take the SS1 Aurelia in direction of Grosseto-Livorno until the Castiglioncello exit. Those who prefer to travel by train can take a train to the train station town that is located on the Tyrrhenian line Genova-Pisa-Roma, since Castiglioncello can only be reached with the regional trains.

For those who are coming from further away, the stations of Rosignano, only 2 km from here, Cecina, which is 17 km away, and Livorno, which is 25 km away can be considered. Finally, the nearest airport is in the city of Pisa, which is about 30 km from here. Once in Pisa, Castiglioncello can be reached by taxi, train or with a car rental. Castiglioncello is located in a central position, within reach of the privileged Etruscan Coast and of the most beautiful Tuscan art cities, where one can start discovering the beauties of this land.

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